Travel To Aspen, Colorado

  • Denver International Airport
    • If you are flying into Denver International Airport, there are a couple of options:
      1. Rent a car and drive to Aspen (about 4 hours) – the drive is incredibly scenic, and going over Independence Pass is definitely one to cross off your bucket list!
      2. Coordinate via LinkedIn with a few other attendees and carpool to Aspen together.
      3. Colorado Mountain Express Shuttle – This shuttle will take you from DIA to Aspen and back. Be sure to make your reservation in advance!
  • Aspen / Pitkin County Airport

    • It tends to be a little more expensive to fly into Aspen and you will miss the scenic drive up, but this is a great option for someone who may not have the time to drive from Denver to Aspen. There are taxis and some hotels offer shuttles from the Airport (10mins).